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Bad Girls Club Episode 6 Recap – Jennifer Is The New Mean Girl

Bad Girls Club Episode 6 Recap – Jennifer Is The New Mean Girl

Episode 6 of the Bad Girls Club started with a six-on-one attack.  Shannon made a big mistake putting a drunken Rocky in bed with her creepy sugar daddy, which made her enemy No. 1 again.  All the girls lashed out verbally at Shannon while Rocky cried.  Shannon then made things right with Rocky and apologized the next morning; Rocky is willing to give her another chance.

With this second chance comes a new friendship in the house.  Rocky and Shannon are basically best friends.  The two are smart, knowing the girls could care less about them, so why not stick together?  Shannon teaches Rocky some fighting moves, goes to the gym and amps her up for a classic BGC showdown with the rest of the girls.

One night, all the girls go to a sushi bar and throw shots of Saki.  Jennifer is proving to be an angry drunk and attacks Rocky again for no reason.  While in the limo going home, Jennifer starts popping off and threatening her.  She is definitely a bully and needs to get checked real quick.  Jennifer decided to leave the girls and go home while the girls went on to have fun. For some reason, she lets Rocky affect her life and makes it her business to start fights.  Honestly, she is either jealous of Rocky or just miserable deep down inside.

Jennifer has an on-again, off-again relationship with a man named Scott who paid her a visit.  You can tell she has love for him but isn’t quite in love.  While the two made sweet love all day, the girls went to Lux Lounge to party it up with DJ Cypha. Stephanie and Paula won a contest the day before and got to DJ and MC the party.

Scott’s last day also happened to be his birthday, so the house took him to Magic City.  Jennifer was being a buzz kill again and started a scene when six strippers started dancing on Scott.  Hello, you are in a strip club; the stripper is doing her job.  Jennifer is a stripper too, so why she tripping?  Then, the bully in her came out when she picked a fight again with Rocky in the women’s bathroom because Rocky made a comment about someone pissing on the toilet seat and Jennifer (who did piss on it) took it personal like it was fighting words. Finally, she stormed out of the club, didn’t even say goodbye to Scott and took a taxi home.

When everyone got home, Alicia, Valentina and Paula tried talking some sense into Jennifer’s head.  Paula told Jennifer “fighting doesn’t make you a bad girl.”  The girls are finally over Jennifer always wanting to fight Rocky. Don’t be surprise when the house slowly turns on her next.

Tune in next Tuesday to see Rocky and Jennifer fight it out in the biggest fight so far in season 10. Check the picture of the fight below.  Bad Girls Club airs on Oxygen at 8/7c.

Jennifer and Rocky going for blows in biggest fight so far this season.

Jennifer and Rocky going for blows in biggest fight so far this season.

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