Tuesday , 29 July 2014
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Ciara’s Gets Her Cover Blown And Gets Dumped At The Same Damn Time

  • Posted by Bella Escritor
  • Queens: Ciara
Ciara’s Gets Her Cover Blown And Gets Dumped At The Same Damn Time

What a coincidence.  We were just speaking on Ciara and Future’s ploy to cell records when popular media outlet “Mediatakeout.Com” posted a story saying : MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Future DUMPS CIARA . . . And Immediately PROPOSES To His BABYS MOTHER!!! (This Is The SECOND Time Her BF Gets MARRIED On Her).”   Wow… Guess when people started to figure out the relationship was just another one of Ciara’s publicity stunts, Future jumped shipped.hmatthews_future-37

The article in question simply states that Ciara once again gets dumped by another Celebrity just so He can marry his Babies’ Mother. His new dime piece is ex-stripper “BRITTNI”from Atlanta’s  legendary Magic City strip club..

Ciara or shall I say “C-Error” which is what some folks are calling Her these days, needs to take an extended time out from play dating.  Like we stated in our previous post on Ciara and Future, Girl let your talent speak for itself and stop fronting with all these Rappers.  In the end it makes you look desperate and their careers sink as they each jump ship trying to save face.  I mean really where is Bow Wow or even 50 Cents career right now as far as the music game goes.  Ciara you are becoming your own kryptonite as well as their’s Girl slow down.

Ciara, Ciara, Ciara…SMH again.

Who know’s maybe all the attention she is getting lately in the media good/bad will help boost her record sales.   After all, they say losing a few fans is worth gaining even more no matter how you get it done.  That is what they say right?  Or is that just what Ciara may possibly be thinking these days.

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