Thursday , 31 July 2014
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Cynthia Bailey The Latest Victim Of Cheating?

Cynthia Bailey The Latest Victim Of Cheating?

Word on the streets of Atlanta is that Peter Thomas of the Real Housewives of Atlanta may have been caught cheating on his wife and co-star Cynthia Bailey.  An anonymous source says that they saw Peter at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta recently during the Bronner Bros Hair Show weekend going in and out of a hotel room hand-in-hand with another woman … a woman who is said to look like a much younger version of his wife Cynthia.

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Other sources who shall remain nameless also said they spotted Peter at the same Omni Hotel in Atlanta that very weekend.  Please say it isn’t so.  Could this really be true?  Did Peter really have the nerve to bite the hand that feeds him by cheating?  Could there really be truth to this awful rumor?  Let’s hope not, although it would make for a good storyline on the next season of the RHWOATL.


The other sources say that when they saw Mr. Thomas,  he was surrounded by a crew of security guards and looked very anxious to get out of the view of the crowd at the hotel in downtown Atlanta.  Has he done this before?


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