Thursday , 24 July 2014
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FreakNik Returns In 2013 But Not In Atlanta

  • Posted by Bella Escritor
FreakNik Returns In 2013 But Not In Atlanta

I wanted to ask all you Atlanta Queens out there your opinion on bringing back events to Atlanta like “FreakNik”.  If you can remember FreakNik’s from the past, then you may remember how not all, but certain females presented themselves in a negative manner in the streets of Atlanta. As a result, there were several rapes and sexual assaults on many females attendees.

Are we ready to bring that kind of behavior and attention back to Atlanta?  Or have we had enough and should just let FreakNik remain in the past?

In today’s economy, the city of Atlanta could clearly use the revenue that hosting events like “FreakNik” generated.  Are we willing to lose the City’s integrity in order to fund our economy? Have we learned from our past mistakes and can host this event in a more sophisticated manner and still have fun doing so?  Other cities like Miami are capitalizing off our “baby” and hosting “Black Beach Week”/”FreakNik Miami”.  This year’s event is set for college spring break weekend.


FreakNik started out as an annual spring break meeting in Atlanta for historical black college students which began back in 1982 as a simple picnic.  As the event became popular with other college students, it grew in size and eventually got a bit out of control.

In the song “Some Bomb Azz P—y”, Kurupt stated, “Atlanta was the place to be; see it was b–tches and sh–t, we had a show to go do downtown at the Freaknik.”

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That was the 90′s.  It is now 2013. Why should we let other cities capitalize off something we started just because of the past? Given Miami’s recent success at hosting our event, FreakNik clearly can work and be fun and safe for females if the crowds are controlled right.

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