Tuesday , 22 July 2014
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Kenya Moore’s New Oil Tycoon Boyfriend Is Really Someone On The Show

Kenya Moore’s New Oil Tycoon Boyfriend Is Really Someone On The Show


Rumor has it that Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore does have someone she is very interested in and he is far from an “Oil Tycoon”.

Word on the streets of Atlanta is that Kenya Moore is in love with the male version of herself , Miss Lawrence.


Sources close to the two ” Fabulous” reality stars say that they have been acting as a couple and setting things into play even before Kenya was cast on the show.   Kenya recently confirmed that it was Miss Lawrence that got her the gig on the show and it’s  Mr. Lawrence Washington aka Miss Lawrence that truly has her “heart”.

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In a personal message, Kenya directly tells Miss Lawrence the following:

Lawrence: You are the reason my life has changed for the better”.

I’ve watched you grow into one of the most incredible people I have ever met. I know you beyond the heels, beyond the makeup and your persona. I’m proud to call you a friend but you are my family. I love your heart. And that is all that will ever matter to me.”


Now most of us know that Miss Lawrence is a proud and outspoken member of the gay community however, rumor also has it that Miss Lawrence isn’t unfamiliar with going both ways.  Which at some point opened up the door for both of these stars to become close.  It was only supposed to be a good business venture between the two, a connection that would help improve both of their careers at first.  Later on it turned out to be more on Kenya’s part as she grew closer and more fond of Miss Lawrence and his “fabulousness”.


The business part worked out extremely well for the both of them, Kenya got to star on a reality show, has a hit single out, workout DVD, and has gained the recognition and following she dreamed of her entire acting career.  While Lawrence now has his own show, “Fashion Queens”.  Bravo TV has done their part and looked out for this power couple.

So based on these rumors, it’s only safe to assume that we will not be seeing this “Oil Tycoon” anytime soon unless he is cast for the part.  Since Kenya’s heart belong’s to another close, shall we say “friend”, for now.


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