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Keyshia Cole Blacklisted by Kelly Rowland and The Dream [Videos]

Keyshia Cole Blacklisted by Kelly Rowland and The Dream [Videos]

Watch Kelly Rowland and The Dream give Keyshia Cole the cold shoulder.

Keyshia Cole is not getting love from her industry peers as many have come to Beyonce’s defense.

It’s looking like the same situation when the wife of NBA star Daniel Gibson dissed Michelle Williams on her performance during Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.  Everybody feels the need to take sides and that’s what The Dream and Kelly Rowland are doing.  Of course we all know where Kelly is going to lean towards but The Dream is making it know he is “Team Bey.”

“Right now because of what happened, I can’t [work with her],” Club Wednesday (April 2). “I think she would respect why I can’t. That’s my family.”

The record the singer was talking about is “Hey Sexy” off her latest album Woman to Woman.  Keyshia Cole doesn’t seem phased by the remarks.

Kelly Rowland has always been a loyal friend to Beyoncé.  She was too on The Breakfast Club when asked recently about Keyshia Cole’s reaction to “Bow Down/I Been On” track.

I think silence is the best power because you don’t have to say nothing. They did all the talk. Just talk, keep talking. But I don’t think that it’s important to fire back ’cause you’re just fueling the fire. You don’t have to do that. It’s just ridiculous. We too grown for that stuff.

Isn’t it ironic that both The Dream and Kelly Rowland are planning on touring together this year?

Source: BET, Rap-Up

Videos: YouTube

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