Tuesday , 29 July 2014
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LaTavia Roberson Is About To Spill The Dirt On Beyonce And Kelly

LaTavia Roberson Is About To Spill The Dirt On Beyonce And Kelly

Former Destiny Child’s group member LaTavia Roberson is rumored to have a “Tell All” book in the works that will release a truckload of dirt about what really happened when the group replaced her.


LaTavia, who currently resides here in Atlanta, is ready to get her career back on track and she feels that one way to do it is display to the world all of her past secrets.  Including the ones that involve the nasty break-up with Destiny’s Child.

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Latavia’s press release statement is a follows:

Production plans include developing a reality show documenting Latavia’s pregnancy, the ups and downs of her relationship with her child’s father and her past battle with molestation, alcoholism and jail time. Her struggles to distance herself from the negativity surrounding her untimely departure from Destiny’s Child, still follow her, but LaTavia is determined to clear the air once and for all. Future plans also include returning to the studio to showcase her voice for the first time as a solo artist and the final release of her highly anticipated “tell all” memoir due later this year.

Looks at though LaTavia has a lot to look forward to in regards to her future plans.  She also says she isn’t bitter with her replacement Michelle Williams either.


In fact, it was just a few months back that she met Michelle for the first time and describes it through her twitter account as being one of the best nights of her life.


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