Wednesday , 30 July 2014
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Mimi Faust Admit She’s Jealous Of Joseline Hernandez

Mimi Faust Admit She’s Jealous Of Joseline Hernandez

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust did a recent interview where she admitted her real feelings about the whole Stevie J and Joseline situation.  After a long stint of trying to play hard and act as if that relationship didn’t effect her anymore, Mimi finally broke down.

Here is exactly what Mimi had to say:

What ever he put me through if you think the love  turns off just because he put me through some sh*t, you crazy, it don’t work  like that. This sh*t still hurts today!


That’s the bottom line. I’m not gonna sit up here  and lie to you, this sh*t still hurt me. Every-time I see them two muthaf*ckas  (Joesline) together, that sh*t hurts me….

Mimi must have really and truly been in love with Stevie or he has something spectacular down there for her to continue to be hurt by his current situation with Joseline.  Hopefully Mimi will be able to finally move on one day with someone new. (For real this time).

You can tell it still gets to her because she is going out of way to show she doesn’t care.  She continues to play the whole “Made” or “Maid” insult that Joseline threw her way out.  Now she is posting pictures of herself in a maid uniform.  SMDH.


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