Wednesday , 30 July 2014
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OMG GIRLZ Representing Atlanta With Style and Flare

OMG GIRLZ  Representing Atlanta With Style and Flare


It wasn’t that long ago that the OMG Girlz were just another fabulous idea of a girl group that Tameka “Tiny” Harris (former member of the Atlanta based R&B group escape) put together in her mind.  To see how far the group has gotten now that they are in true and living color is nothing short of fabulous.  They were recently in the news for naming  Beyoncé’s Instagram “Baddie”, a nickname that truly fits each and every one of their individual personalities.  The three girls work well together and have had some great talent backing and supporting them.

The girls themselves are a group of teens that were made into a group back in 2009. Their first single, “Ain’t Nobody” was released in 2010.  Since the debut release, these girls have grown a major fan base and true recognition into the world of R&B/Hip-Hop.  I find myself rocking to their hit single “Gucci That” sometimes.  I hope that you too will become a fan of these up and coming Queens. Be on the lookout for their new album entitled “Officially Miss Guided”.



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