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Ashlee Wilson-Hawn of ‘Big Rich Atlanta’ Boss Bitch Boot Camp

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn is doing everything in her power to make America hate her.  By watching this week’s episode of Big Rich Atlanta, Hawn shows off her version of Boss Bitch Boot Camp; you might hate her too. Obviously Hawn believes in the phrase “the truth hurts” but takes it to another level.  She and her girls practiced their best catwalk, and yes, Diana and Anadi were there too. Ashlee was so mean to Diana. She called her a shorty and told her Anandi was prettier than her. “When you’re on stage, you’re going to be competing with Anandi, and she’s already ahead of you just by her genes from Jesus. Jesus likes her better than you!” To add insult to injury, Ashlee asks the girls to bring swimsuits to the next practice so she could check for cellulite.  Ashlee used this as a setup to have Diana throw Anandi under ... Read More »

‘Big Rich Atlanta’s’ Ashlee and Kahdijiha Continue Feud on Twitter

In the premiere of Big Rich Atlanta, we saw stars Ashlee Wilson – Hawn and Kahdijiha Rowe not hit it off in the first episode.  Well, it didn’t take long after the show ended for them to carry their feud on Twitter. A fan of the show tweeted to Ashlee referring to Kahdijiha putting “paws” on her and she fired back with a nasty tweet. @bryanthestylist Yep, and she has a felony charge to prove it!!! — Ashlee Wilson-Hawn (@AshleeHawn) January 24, 2013 Kahdijiha did her own throwing shade on Twitter against Ashlee too.  She had this to say about the so-called wealthy “boss b***h.” @d_queenb43 nope… None…zip… Zilch … She can’t buy it … Honestly those pockets aren’t that long — Kahdijiha Rowe (@4everKD) January 24, 2013 Ouch, but the saying goes “those who lived in glass houses should not throw stones.”  These two obviously are going to go ... Read More »

Big Rich Atlanta star Megan McBrayer’s DUI Mug Shot

More dirt is coming out on the ladies of the new reality show Big Rich Atlanta. Megan McBrayer’s mug shot has hit the internet recently.  According to, reports surfaced that McBrayer’s run in with the law happen when she was pulled over for improperly switching lanes and ended up getting a misdemeanor DUI. This mug shot could be worse, but it still isn’t a good look, period.  I wonder if this mug shot will be brought up on any of the episodes to air this season?  To add fuel to the fire, pro-life organizations have been boycotting Megan and her mother Marcia Marchman’s appearance on the show.  Megan’s father, Dr. Daniel Enoch Marchman, is a doctor connected to a Marietta abortion clinic. If you think about it, many southerners view abortion as wrong, especially in Georgia.  This new dilemma is not surprising.  He also has been in trouble with the ... Read More »

Big Rich Atlanta Is Coming

Atlanta is busting at the seams with reality shows! Big Rich Atlanta is coming to a television near you. We have Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and last on the table is R&B Divas. I’ve heard a storm is coming and it’s loud, rich, and drama-filled. That storm is called Big Rich Atlanta. From the trailers I watched on the Style Network, it looks like this show is gunning for the number one spot in the Atlanta reality TV world.  I am starting to think that Atlanta is becoming the hot spot to film anything. If I had to pick someone that will keep it real and still bring a little bit of drama, I pick the daughter of Q. Parker from the group 112. Kahdijiha Rowe will show these other daughters what’s really good.  Looking at the cast pictures, they have a very large main cast.  ... Read More »