Thursday , 31 July 2014
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So What’s Really Going On Between Kenya Moore And Phaedra’s Husband Apollo?

So What’s Really Going On Between Kenya Moore And Phaedra’s Husband Apollo?


In the recent clip that have been surfacing about the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show, Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida are accusing each other of sexting, or so it appears.

In the beginning of the season of the show, Kenya was doing an extreme amount of inappropriate flirting with fellow cast mate Phaedra Parks Husband.  Phaedra quickly nipped that in the bud and as the show continued all three cast members kept there distances. Especially since they fell out over the workout videos.  The real question at hand is whether or not that is still the case now?


People have been giving their own opinions of what is going on between Kenya and Apollo.  Check out a post below from lipstick Alley:

Baaaaby, ya’ll know I get the 411 and CAN’T WAIT till the #RHOA reunion when Kenya pulls out the texts between her and Apollo on Phaedra! IT’S GONNA BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! I was side eyen when Apollo rubbed Kenya’s ass in the pool on the sly but texts that Phaedra doesn’t know about? WHEW! And don’t get it twisted, Kenya has a degree in Psychology. They filmed till 4am! A 15 hr day! I can’t wait…

Now if it’s true, we know Apollo is married, so its wrong on both parts.  We also may have just been informed of  the fact that Kenya Moore herself is in a new relationship of her own.  So what’s really going on?





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