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May 2, 2013
Hustle Woman Cynthia Bailey Is At It Again

Real Housewives of Atlanta Stars Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas are milking their reality status for everything it’s worth.  Read More »

Big Rich Atlanta Star Says Skin Color Is A Big Issue On The Show

One of the star’s of the reality show “Big Rich Atlanta”  recently gave her personal opinion on the “Race” issue on the show.  Kahdijah Rowe, daughter of Q. Parker from the group 112, say’s her skin color was a major problem for some of the other women on the show.  Read More »

Reality Show Character Switch-Ups

Wouldn’t it be nice if a couple of the Atlanta Reality Show stars could switch TV shows?  Take for instance Khadijah Rowe from Big Rich Atlanta, wouldn’t she be more suited to play on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? I mean it’s pretty obvious if you have been watching her show that the girl can and will  throw down and handle her own when it comes to dealing with cocky and disrespectful cast mates. Read More »

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Being Manipulated as Much as She Claims?

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn is not happy about how her supposed fight with Kahdijiha Rowe came out on television. She was fine with being the bad guy on the show Big Rich Atlanta. Hey, she signed her contract knowing that she was going to be cast – yes, cast – as the villain of the show. She is fine being bitchy. And she is fine with Big Rich Atlanta being a fake “reality” show – everything is set up. However, Ashlee doesn’t like just how much of a villain the producers are making her out to be. Read More »

‘Big Rich Atlanta’ Fight Has People Taking Sides

The fight that everyone has been talking about for months finally aired last night on Big Rich Atlanta. Skipping to the night of Ashlee’s birthday party, Kahdijiha showed up drunk – not a good idea.  Standing by the bar, she said to herself, “I can’t drink no more I’m drunk.  I need to eat something.”  Then, Ashlee shows up fashionably late. Kahdijiha rolls her eyes as she says hi to everyone but her.  Read More »